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Questions from employers

Do I get direct access to the recruitment consultant?

Absolutely – yes. It is what employers want and value most. Whilst each agency will handle enquiries differently, they determine whether a manager and / or the consultant specialising in the sub-sector / location gets in direct touch with you.You then deal with them in the normal way - there is no intermediary system that both parties have to use and send and receive CVs through.

Can any private or public organisation use comparerecruit.com?

Absolutely – yes.

Can just one individual register on behalf of an organisation?

Yes – as long as they have been given responsibility from that organisation to hire.

What if an agency comes up in a search we are already working with?

You can always choose to engage an agency outside of your PSL through comparerecruit.com for any role that the agency is not already working on.

What if my search results come back with % fees a few points higher than I usually pay agencies?

You get what you pay for. Each participating recruitment agency can set or change their % fee against the job role, location, salary, or sector in real time. This creates a “market rate” and competitiveness for leads. You can choose agencies based on profile, specialism and the headline % fee you see.

Can I just choose one agency?

Yes – but we encourage up to three because most employers want a selection and you only pay once for candidates you want to hire. Three agencies is shown the be the optimal amount working on a role for success.

How quickly can I expect to hear from a consultant after I have selected the agency?

It’s fast! The normal response is within 60 minutes, however certainly within 48-hours of enquiry.

What do you mean by “standardised, preferred recruitment terms”?

You can benefit from terms written to suit you. You can engage multiple agencies on the same terms and you no longer need to agree terms from agencies that are often one-sided. See preferred recruitment terms.

What if I already have a PS (Preferred Supplier) policy in place?

Comparerecruit.com enables you to compare the market and find new agencies that are focused on your job role, sector and location. It need not affect your existing PS policy. There are many occasions where employers need to go outside their PSL and this is a good way to do it saving you time and offering you good terms.

What if I don’t have a formal preferred supplier list in place?

Then you will find Comparerecruit.com useful in identifying agencies that could fill the role and / or specialise in areas upon which you are focused.

Can I use the site for international (non-UK) roles?

Not immediately – but soon. We are launching in the UK first and are working with agencies on roll-out across Europe and further afield.

I have a different question for you?

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