Why us?

Comparerecruit.com is a new recruitment agency comparison site. It will help you recruit more reliably and cost effectively.


Find the best recruitment agencies for your next role, save money and time

Comparerecruit.com brokers valuable new DIRECT relationships between employers looking to hire, and trusted recruitment agencies with the sector expertise, geographical reach and service mentality capable of fulfilling the role. For employers and approved recruitment agencies, there are exciting benefits.

Why comparerecruit.com?

  • Save money on next hire
  • Free to access
  • Find new agencies
  • Compare market rates in seconds
  • Wide coverage - 29 sectors and 778 sub-sectors 
  • Select agencies by % / specialism / location

Recruitment Agencies

Receive valuable leads and job fill requests

  • Get DIRECT introductions to new employers at the point of hiring
  • Receive an approved mandate for you to fill a specific role
  • Be recognised and promote sector / geographical specialisation
  • Reach hundreds of thousands of employers via comparerecruit.com.

​Comparerecruit.com matches employers looking to hire – by role, salary, sector and location with qualified recruitment agencies who can help. Every participating recruitment agency has been vetted and subscribes to standardised, preferable comparerecruit.com recruitment terms that protects the employer and is fair for the agency.